7 Essential Steps to Take If You Have a DUI in Utah: A Comprehensive Guide for LDS Church Members


08 Sep 2023 / Gravis Law

7 Essential Steps to Take If You Have a DUI in Utah: A Comprehensive Guide for LDS Church Members

7 Essential Steps to Take If You Have a DUI in Utah: A Comprehensive Guide for LDS Church Members


Driving under the influence (DUI) is a grave legal matter, especially in Utah, where the laws are notably strict. For members of the LDS Church in Utah, facing a DUI charge can be an overwhelming experience. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process and provide a roadmap to navigate the legal maze. Here are seven indispensable steps to follow, ideally with the guidance of a seasoned criminal lawyer or DUI attorney, to secure the most favorable outcome.


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Step 1: Grasp the DUI Laws in Utah

Utah’s DUI laws are serious. Here is a synopsis:


  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): Utah’s legal BAC limit is the nation’s lowest, sitting at a mere 0.05%.

  • Penalties: From jail time to fines, license suspension, and mandatory education programs, the penalties are steep.

  • Outcomes: It is important to hire a Utah defense attorney if you have a been charged with a DUI.

Step 2: Engage a DUI Attorney

Finding the best DUI lawyers in Utah is paramount for your defense. Here’s what to look for:


  • Experience: Seek a criminal defense attorney with a track record in DUI cases.

  • Location: If you’re in Southern Utah, a local DUI lawyer might be your best bet.

  • Cost: Understand the Utah DUI lawyer cost to ensure you are able to afford legal fees.

Step 3: Safeguard Your Driving Privileges

Your ability to drive may hang in the balance. Here’s how to keep it intact:


  • Request a Hearing: Promptly request a hearing to contest a license suspension.

  • Consult a Drunk Driving Attorney: A Utah-based drunk driving lawyer can steer you through the process.

Step 4: Toe the Line with Court Requirements

Compliance with court mandates is non-negotiable. This might entail:


  • Attending DUI Education Programs

  • Installing an Ignition Interlock Device: Repeat offenders, take note; Utah law may require this.

Step 5: Assess the Impact on Professional Licenses

Hold a professional license? A DUI offense attorney can help ensure your professional license remains intact.

Step 6: Weigh Long-term Consequences

Reflect on how long a DUI will be on your record in Utah and the potential ripple effects on future employment and insurance premiums.

Step 7: Rally Support from the LDS Community

Lean on your church community for emotional and spiritual sustenance during this taxing period.


1. What’s the legal Blood Alcohol Limit in Utah?

The legal BAC limit is 0.05%.

2. How long does a DUI haunt your record in Utah?

A DUI conviction in Utah can be on your record for up to a decade.

3. Is DUI a misdemeanor and felony in Utah?

A DUI might be tagged as a misdemeanor and felony or a felony, depending on the particulars.

4. What’s the ballpark for Utah DUI lawyer cost?

Costs can swing widely, so shop around with several DUI attorneys to gauge the likely fees.

5. Who tops the list of best DUI attorneys in Utah?

Pinpointing the best DUI attorneys demands legwork and chinwags with legal pros experienced in DUI cases.


Finding the Best Utah DUI Lawyer


Facing a DUI charge in Utah is difficult. It’s a serious legal hurdle that demands deliberate thought and action. By adhering to these seven vital steps and enlisting a skilled DUI attorney, you can traverse the legal landscape with assurance and secure the best possible resolution. Whether you’re in the market for a criminal lawyer, DUI offense attorney, or drunk driving lawyer in Utah, swift and savvy action is the golden ticket to safeguarding your rights and future.


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