Domestic Violence

If you have been accused of spousal abuse or another domestic violence-related crime, you need to speak with a Gravis lawyer as soon as possible.

Domestic violence is a situation marked by intricacy and emotional distress. Frequently, the victim has affection for the perpetrator, which further complicates the act of reporting the offense, providing testimony against the accused, and/or extricating themselves from the situation securely.

Serious repercussions can result from accusations of domestic violence. Our compassionate attorneys will gather the facts to provide a defense against domestic battery, assault, or harassment. We understand you have a significant amount at stake, and how important it is to have your side of the story heard, so we will work closely with you to guide you through this challenging situation.

Facing domestic battery charges carries serious consequences and can be emotionally overwhelming to navigate. Our defense attorneys understand the gravity and sensitive nature of these charges and are committed to advocating for your well-being and protecting your rights. We understand the possibility of false accusations and misunderstandings, so we take the time to gather facts and evidence so that your side of the story is heard.