Public Order Offenses

In the event of facing charges related to disturbances of public order, your criminal defense lawyer has the capacity to construct a plausible defense for your unconventional behaviors.

The consequences for offenses against public order differ based on the specific crime and the context of the occurrence. For less severe public order transgressions, individuals might face a misdemeanor and felony charge or be issued a citation.

You need knowledgeable legal counsel if you’re accused of a public order offense like disorderly conduct, trespassing, or obstruction of justice. Our team is here to stand up for your rights, make sure you are treated fairly during the court proceedings, and fight for the best result in your case. Those found guilty of minor public order violations might be required to pay a fine, spend a brief period in a county jail, or engage in community service.

Charges of disturbing the peace can result from a variety of circumstances, so it is crucial to have an experienced defense attorney on your side. We will carefully investigate your case's circumstances, assess the available evidence, and craft a strong defense plan specific to your situation. We want to ensure that your story is heard, taken into consideration and that your rights are upheld while working toward a satisfactory resolution.