Weapons Offenses

Whether the case involves the reckless discharge of a firearm or the possession of restricted firearms, our attorneys are experienced in handling cases involving weapons offenses.

 We will examine your legal options while defending your rights to obtain a favorable outcome.

Being charged with any weapons offense is a serious matter with strong penalties and long-lasting consequences. If you are charged with a weapons offense, you need our experienced, committed criminal defense team at Gravis. Don’t let a weapons charge ruin your future or freedom.

You don't have to navigate fighting a firearm charge alone. Our skilled defense attorneys are familiar with Utah's gun laws and are committed to protecting our client's rights. The defense attorneys will gather the facts and evidence to build a strong legal defense tailored to your situation. You can rest assured in our legal support that will assist you in navigating the complexities of the law and defending your rights when your future is on the line.